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GoodWe Inverter Solar 10kW 3 Phase Hybrid 2xMPPT

GoodWe Inverter Solar 10kW 3 Phase Hybrid 2xMPPT

SKU: 84560060

Inverter Solar 10kW Three Phase Hybrid

GoodWe GW10KL-ET

2 MPPT - IP66

Solar Inverters & Accessories

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The brand new ET Series from GoodWe is a three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter that enables enhanced energy independence and maximises self-consumption through export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electric bills. Covering a power range of 5 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW and 10 kW, the ET Series allows up to 10% overloading to maximise power output and features Uninterruptible Power Supply Function (UPS) to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators with an automatic switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, providing savings when the grid is up and independence and security when it is down or compromised. 

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