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BYD 4.0kWh LVS Battery Box

BYD 4.0kWh LVS Battery Box

SKU: 84570050

Battery Box Solar 4.0kWh

Lithium Iron Phosphate (Cobalt Free)



Solar Inverters & Accessories


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One Battery-Box Premium LVS is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack for use with an external inverter. A Battery-Box Premium LVS contains between 1 to 6 battery modules LVS stacked in parallel and can reach 4 to 24 kWh usable capacity. Connect up to 16 Battery-Box LVS 16.0 in parallel for a maximum size of 256 kWh. Ability to scale by adding LVS modules or parallel towers of 1 to 4 modules later.

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